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Frequently Asked Questions Do I need a testing team?

After the development of a software, before it can be used, the application needs to be checked and and made free of all errors. Any error can cause the application to lose its reliability and functionality to become a risk for your business. Our experienced testing team will test your software on various parameters to ensure that you have a low risk, reliable and high quality software for your business.

What kind of testing services can benefit my business?

We offer complete testing services for the software development life-cycle.
  • Design Testing will verify the design of the software.
  • Load Testing verifies the performance under maximum load.
  • Performance Testing measures the response time under maximum load.
  • Stress Testing verifies when the application fails beyond maximum load.
  • User Acceptance Test verifies the software meeting user requirements.
  • Functional Testing verifies all functions of the software.
  • Customised Testing will personalise the testing methodology to suit your requirements.

What types of payment do you accept?

For your convenience, we accept:
  • All major credit cards
  • Direct Debit
  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque

We can also arrange for payment in instalments to reduce the impact of large design tasks on your cash flow!

Can you provide me a Quote for my requirement?

Please contact us with your detailed requirement and we will send you our quote totally free of cost.

Do you use my contact information for any other promotional activities?

We have a strict privacy policy that provides complete security to the information collected from you. Before using the information in any manner, we will ask for your explicit permission regarding the matter.

Do you guarantee satisfaction?

Over 76% of our clients rate our services as excellent and 96% of our clients gave us good and above average rating. Our testing experts will work with you till your software passes our rigourous testing procedures.

How can I ensure the safety of my intellectual property?

Your intellectual property is completely safe with us. We see only the test data and ensure the appropriate recording of test results. At no point is your product seen by your competition. You can even restrict us from seeing the complete product by giving us testing in phases. For functional and Acceptability testing, we are not coming in contact with the code, only the fully developed product. Our role is to test your product. Moreover, we enter a non-disclosure agreement with you to give you a 100% confidentiality guarantee.

Where will the test take place?

Tests are conducted both online and onsite. We can provide you with an expert to test the application on your premises under contract placement. Alternatively, we also provide cost-effective online testing, where we perform the testing under specified environment. We keep in constant contact with you via conference calls. We suggest that a member of your staff is dedicated to assist us in the testing process.

How long will the testing take?

The testing of the software depends your requirement and specifications. The service requested by you plays an important role in the determination of testing duration.

At what stage of the software development do you test it?

We can provide you testing throughout the software development cycle. From testing its design to various development phases and implementation, our testing experts interact and co-operate with you to complete the process in the most time- and cost-effective manner. We provide our expertise for both complete and incomplete software.

Can you guarantee that my software will pass the test?

We do not guarantee that your software will pass our standardised testing methodology. However, we do guarantee an accurately recorded test report to help you fix any errors found during testing. Once the application passes the testing process, it will be an extremely reliable, high-quality product.

Can I select my own testing team from your staff?

We have a highly experienced staff who are experts in various testing fields. For timely and quality testing, we suggest you allow us to select the team that is most suitable to your requirements. The team will definitely require a representative from your company to interact with, to produce the desired positive results.

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